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Skin Treatment with a Bela MD Facial

Ottawa medical grade facial treatments are an all-encompassing skin treatment that combine medical grade dermabrasion with customized serums to treat skin concerns and improve overall skin appearance. The treatment itself combines several steps for an all-in-one facial.

We start with microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell growth. This process is combined with the application of a customized combination of medical grade serums to treat your unique skin concerns. Medium frequency electromechanical stimulation is used to increase circulation and provide a lifting effect to the skin. Hydrogen water infusion is done to increase hydration and fight inflammation.

The entire process is finished with electroporation which is a technique used to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the serums for better results.

Concerns Treated by Bela MD Facial

Bela MD Facials are customizable depending on your unique skin and can treat a wide range of skin concerns including:

uneven complexion

sun damage and age spots


YouDerma - Crow’s Feet

skin congestion

dry, dehydrated skin

acne scarring

redness and rosacea

What to Expect for Your Bela MD Facial


Before your appointment

Before your Bela MD Facial, we’ll have you come in for a consultation. We’ll be able to assess your skin and answer any questions you may have. Based on your skin assessment we’ll be able to determine how to best customize your treatment to address your skin concerns. We’ll be able to answer any questions you may have before your appointment as well.

On the day of your treatment

On the day of your appointment we ask that you arrive with a clean face bare of any makeup or skincare products. We’ll start the treatment by cleansing the skin of any excess dirt and oil. We’ll perform each step of the facial treatment, starting with the diamond microdermabrasion, then the hydrogen water infusion, ultrasonic cleanse and extraction, neuromuscular stimulation, customized serum infusion, and electroporation. The entire process takes approximately an hour.

During the treatment

After your Bela MD facial, you’ll require no downtime but you may notice a little bit of redness from the microdermabrasion and extraction that will quickly fade. We’ll recommend when to come in for your next treatment for best results. You’ll immediately notice brighter, smoother skin after your treatment. 


What Our Lovely Customers Had to Say

"Gopitha is an amazing skincare magician! She takes great care to do the treatments that are best for your skin in all seasons of life. I saw her in my early 30s and she is always able to help me look my best and keep my skin healthy and glowing. Also, she's a light to be around, kind and attentive."

- Mayoora

"Gopitha is amazing! My skin has never looked better, even after decades of using creams from Sephora and prescriptions from doctors. She is so knowledgeable and made me feel relaxed and comfortable."

- Christine

"Having recently undergone the Bella MD Facial performed by Anantha, I am pleased to share my positive experience. From the moment the session began, it was evident that I was in the hands of an expert who was well-versed in the nuances of skincare and advanced facial treatments. Her proficiency, attention to detail, and genuine passion for skincare were evident in every step of the treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking a comprehensive and effective facial experience that is sure to leave a positive impact on their skin. "

- Alexi P.

"Recently I have had the joys of experiencing a Bela MD facial with Anantha (medical aesthetician). I decided to go with the Bela MD as it targets congestion, supports hydration and infuses concentrated serums to combat any concerns. The treatment started with a full face coverage of dry diamond microdermabrasion and followed with a hydrogen water infusion. Then, Anantha used the ultrasonic skin scrubber to extract any left over debris on my skin. The Y handpiece of the Bela MD uses a 360 degree rotating massage spheres and MENS technology to provide muscle stimulation and skin tightening. 

Anantha's pressure was firm and precise -- it is my favourite part of the treatment as it is gently toning my muscles. Then, the electroporation increases the absorption of serums which allows the active ingredient to penetrate deeper into my skin, supporting a healthy skin through and through. I really recommend this treatment to anyone of all ages and skin types (fair, medium, dark, sensitive, normal, oily)."

 - Amy C.

"I went in last Thursday for the Bela MD treatment with Mia (medical aesthetician) and my skin has been glowing and clear ever since that day. Mia started with the microdermabrasion and went on with the combination and the serums, and let me tell you y’all it did not disappoint my skin. My skin still feels clean. It was skin replenishing. Plus You Derma is a welcoming environment and safe. Gopitha and Anantha are very welcoming and informative. Thank you for such an experience ladies!! I cannot wait to book my next appointment. 11/10 experience!"

- Do P.

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