Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered your most common pre-treatment questions! Don’t see your question answered here? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help answer whatever questions you may have.

Do injectables hurt?

There is some discomfort when getting injectables, but they are much less painful than you might think! Pain will depend on your personal pain tolerance and the type of injectables you are receiving. At You Derma, we prioritize pain management and offer you a variety of options to make your treatment go smoothly and pain-free!

What downtime is involved with fillers and neuromodulators?

With fillers, you can resume most activities right away. There is minimal downtime. It is however recommended that you avoid any intense physical activity during the first 1-2 days to minimize any swelling or bruising.

With neuromodulators, there is no downtime. You can return to your routine right away!

Are any injectables covered by insurance?

In some cases, such as when injectables are used to treat a medical condition, your treatment may be covered with insurance. If you are receiving injectables to treat TMJ, chronic migraine, or hyperhidrosis, please consult with your insurance provider.

Will my face look "fake" or unnatural?

No! There is a misconception that neuromodulators or fillers will make someone look “fake” – however, when done well the results can be beautifully subtle, resulting in a more natural, youthful and fresh appearance. 

It's my first time getting injectables. Should I be nervous?

It’s normal to be nervous, but there’s nothing to worry about! At You Derma we pride ourselves in creating a safe and comfortable environment for you. All of the procedures we carry out are handled with care, with extreme attention to detail and health measures.

How can I book a treatment?

You can book your treatment at this link or by contacting us directly.

I'm looking for advice to see which treatment is right for me. Can you help?

Absolutely! We love to help you achieve the results you are looking for. You can book a complimentary consultation, where we will discuss your needs and the best treatment options for you.

What brands of injectables do you use?

We use the highest quality of ingredients and injectables. Due to Health Canada restrictions regarding advertising of controlled drugs, we legally cannot specify some details around neuromodulators and fillers. If you’d like to know more about these, please contact us directly so that we can discuss!

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