Discover The Benefits of Neuromodulators

Neuromodulators are injectables that are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They work by blocking the nerve signal that causes muscles to contract, therefore limiting movement and preventing wrinkles from forming. This also reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles for a smoother skin surface.

There are several products that are commonly used, the most popular and widely-known being Botox. At You Derma, we offer Dysport®, Xeomin® and Botox®. Each of these products has its own benefits and use cases. Neuromodulators can be used on men and women to reduce the signs of aging and soften the appearance of fine lines, leaving you with a refreshed glow.

Concerns Treated by Neuromodulators

The most common treatment areas are located on the face. Some of the most common concerns neuromodulators treat are:

forehead lines

crow's feet

jelly roll

(puffiness in the undereye area)

gummy smile

lipstick lines

frown lines (glabella)

bunny lines (transverse-nasal)

brow lift

tmj disorders & chronic migraines


A Versatile Skin Treatment

Neuromodulators can be used for many uses beyond cosmetic reasons. They’re an extremely versatile treatment that can be used for a variety of concerns— both aesthetic and medical. We’ve used neuromodulators to treat clients for everything from reducing wrinkles to providing relief for chronic TMJ symptoms like jaw pain.

If you’re not sure whether neuromodulators are right for you, book a consultation with us to learn more. 

Before and After

What Can I Expect At My First Appointment ?


Before your appointment

We will have a consultation with you to determine your eligibility for treatment and learn more about your medical history. We will answer any questions you might have and determine which neuromodulator product is best for you. We’ll also provide you with pre-treatment instructions and book a treatment date.

On the day of your treatment

We’ll walk you through what you can expect and we’ll prepare the area for treatment. We’ll cleanse the skin and mark the injection site. If you’re feeling nervous about the injection, we can offer a topical anaesthetic to numb the area.

During the treatment

The treatment itself takes only a few minutes, and you’ll feel only a slight discomfort. The great thing about neuromodulators is that there is no downtime and the process is virtually pain-free! We’ll give you post-treatment care instructions to ensure your results settle beautifully. We’ll also give you information about when to schedule your next appointment to freshen up your results.


What Our Lovely Customers Had to Say

"Gopitha is very knowledgeable and is constantly furthering her learning on injectables - this is so appreciated as it makes the client experience trustworthy, confident and relaxing. Not only that, but she is very friendly! I have been seeing Gopitha for TMJ botox and it helps SO MUCH!"

- Olivia

"I have been going to Gopitha for my botox treatments for years and could not be more pleased. She is very professional and knowledgeable, always taking the time to explain the process and answer any questions I may have. She ensures that I understand what she is doing, and I always feel comfortable in her care. The results are incredibly natural yet effective and I am always more than happy with the results. I highly recommend Gopitha for everyone looking for a top-notch botox treatment."

- Melissa 

"Nurse Jenna and the team at You Derma are amazing! The location was easy to find and the spa was so nice! They educated me so well and reassured me about all my concerns regarding neurotoxins. Nurse Jenna took the time to analyze my face to make sure I would receive the results I wanted! They are a professional and super nice team and I would recommend them to anyone who asks!"

- Sarah G.

"I booked an appointment with Gopitha in advance of my wedding. It was my first time getting injections and I was pretty nervous.

From the outset, Gopitha put me at ease. I explained to her that my objective was to look my best in my wedding photos but didn’t know what I needed done to achieve my vision while still maintaining a natural look.

WOW! She listened to what I said and delivered beyond my expectations! The results blew my mind! She addressed all the “problem areas” and made some great suggestions to correct a gummy smile on top of it. I was anticipating pain but the injections hurt less than a mosquito bite…and on top of it I didn’t bruise (which she warned me was a very real possibility in particular because I’m a redhead with fair skin). Could not be happier with the results - she took 20 years off my face (no joke, see the pictures). She is an absolute artist and so warm and friendly…I absolutely adore her!

Highly recommend and can’t wait to go back for a Bela MD facial to make my skin glow before my wedding!"

- Samantha O.

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