IV therapy treatments offer a direct and efficient method of delivering fluids, vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. IV therapy has many benefits like the quick absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins directly into the bloodstream, ensuring a fast and effective delivery. This treatment helps with replenishing hydration levels, improving your overall well-being and fatigue levels. 

IV Drip Options

We offer 4 different Färsk IV Drip options so you can choose the treatment that best suits your unique wellness goals. Each of our IV therapy treatment options is best for addressing specific concerns. Whether you’re looking to boost your skin radiance, improve your energy levels or add overall hydration, there’s an IV therapy treatment option specifically designed to help you achieve your desired results. 

Choose from 4 Färsk IV Drip treatments:

Boost - For hydrating, replenishing, and enhancing. 

Radiance - For refining, illuminating, and refreshing. 

Gut Glow - For detoxing, strengthening, and repairing. 

Energize - For energizing, regenerating, and strengthening.

Why Try IV Therapy?

If you’re feeling burnt out, IV therapy is a great way to give your body a boost of nourishing vitamins and fluids. The concentrated infusion of vitamins helps with energy levels, immune system support, and faster recovery, making it a convenient option for athletes or those looking for a quick bounce-back from strenuous schedules or everyday stress. IV therapy can also be used to give yourself a boost of vitamins or minerals to help you get that radiant skin glow from the inside. 

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Put a spring back in your step with a replenishing IV therapy treatment. Choose from 4 treatment options for a wellness boost!

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