Laser Hair Removal

Smoother, Hairless Skin with Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa

Laser hair removal is a treatment where a laser is used to emit a concentrated beam of light into hair follicles to destroy unwanted hair. This effectively prevents it from growing back, leaving you with smooth, hairless skin. The laser targets hair in the anagen phase of the growth cycle, and destroys it right at the follicle. Laser hair removal Ottawa is done over the course of approximately 6-10 sessions, spread out in 6-8 week intervals to target hair throughout the growing cycle.

Patients of all skin complexions can see success with laser hair removal. At You Derma, we customize our laser hair removal treatments for all skin tones to give you the best possible results, whether you have fair skin or have been seeking laser hair removal for darker skin. Laser hair removal is a great alternative to tweezing, shaving or waxing, as the results are long-lasting.

Concerns Treated by Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be performed on any area of the body to reduce hair growth. Some of the most common treatment areas are:

facial hair removal

leg hair removal

bikini line hair removal

chest hair removal

back hair removal

underarms and arm hair removal

buttocks hair removal

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair

At You Derma, our skin clinic offers professional laser hair removal using a top quality laser machine. Our laser hair removal Ottawa services are great for getting rid of unwanted hair, and are ideal for women and men looking to save time on shaving and waxing. No matter your skin tone, You Derma's laser hair removal services are safe and effective!

Considering Laser Hair Removal? Here's What to Expect.


Before your appointment

We’ll start off with a consultation where we can assess the areas you wish to have treated. At this time you can ask any questions you might have about laser hair removal. We’ll determine how many sessions we recommend for your desired results as well as a treatment schedule.

On the day of your treatment

On the day of your laser hair removal, we ask that you come into the clinic without any product on the areas you’re having treated. This would include skincare products such as lotions, creams, makeup or deodorant. Before treatment, we’ll cleanse the area to prepare it. The treatment itself is fairly quick, and will range from a few minutes to an hour depending on the size of the area being treated. If you’re feeling nervous about experiencing any pain, let us know before treatment so that we can take breaks and ensure that you’re feeling comfortable. 

During the treatment

After your laser hair removal treatment it’s important to avoid any sun exposure on the area being treated. You may experience some mild redness, swelling or tenderness but it will go away within a day or two. Try to avoid exercising or excessive sweating for 24 hours after treatments to minimize discomfort. We advise not to tweeze or wax the hair in that area in between sessions so that it can grow in to be lasered at your next session. Your next laser hair removal will generally be in 6-8 weeks, depending on what was recommended for you.


What Our Lovely Customers Had to Say

"I got my underarms laser'd by Anantha and I felt very comfortable in her presence. She was very gentle, thorough and answered all my questions without skipping a beat! Looking forward to my next treatment! :)"

- Deanna

"Second time at YouDerma and I was blown away yet again by Anantha's professionalism. The minute I walked into the beautiful laser room, I was greeted by Anantha who made me feel completely at ease. We treated my underarms and Brazilian and she made sure I was comfortable at each step of the process. It was almost painless and such a HUGE relief to feel much less heat compared to other laser hair removal machines I have used on my body. I look forward to my next sessions!"

- Yosra

"This was my first visit to You Derma. I'm a dark skinned male and was looking to get rid of my ingrown hair on my neck. A friend of mine recommended You Derma after undergoing laser treatments using their laser machine that uses ND:YAG technology and achieving positive results.

I was hesitant and was worried about pain. However, Anantha and her staff put my worries at ease. They explained the procedure in detail and mentioned the advantages of using their unique laser machine, which is tailored for use on all skin types and colours. It can vary the level of power according to your pain tolerance and also had a built-in cooling fan.

The procedure was fast, and it was done before you know it. The results were fabulous. I highly recommend their laser hair removal treatment. Thank you to the You Derma team for a great experience!"

- Jey N.

"I recently had the privilege of experiencing laser hair removal at You Derma, and I must say, I am beyond impressed with the results! As a male with darker skin, I've always been a bit hesitant about undergoing laser treatments, but after doing my research and reading about the advanced ND:YAG technology they use, I decided to give it a shot.

The ND:YAG technology they use is clearly top-notch. One of my biggest worries was potential discomfort or pain, but I was pleasantly surprised by how minimal the sensation was during the treatment.

I am thrilled with the results and can confidently say that You Derma is the place to go for laser hair removal. Thank you again for making the experience a great one!"

- Kandee S.

"I got Laser Hair Removal (Brazilian and armpits) by the amazing Anatha this week at You Derma Spa and I wanted to share my AMAZING experience. I got IPL laser before from a different spa, it hurt and after a year my hair growth returned! So I decided to give You Derma Spa a try since they have 5 star reviews and a few of my friends get treatment there for Botox, micro-needling and laser hair removal.

The moment I walked in, the space felt peaceful, calm and relaxing. I was greeted by Anantha and brought into the laser hair removal room. The machine they used is called Nd:Yag technology. I never heard of this before but WOWOW did it ever work! I do have a high pain tolerance so naturally I don't complain of things hurting too much, but this was a breeze! I am looking forward to going again. Thanks Anantha!"

- Stacey L.

"I had my first ever Fotona SP Laser Hair Removal underarm treatment with Anantha.My experience was above and beyond. The environment is clean, non judgemental and understanding. Additionally, this treatment was pretty close to painless for me.As it was my first time, Anantha explained to me the realistic expectations and outcome of the treatment. I think that she might have even over-prepared me, but that's okay because it really made me comfortable and ready.

Anantha is highly skilled and each pass she executes is strategic yet so swift. I am looking forward to more LASER treatments with Anantha as the Fotona is super versatile and the quality of the service is impeccable."

- M Ling

It's Time to Toss Your Razor
Trade waxing, shaving and tweezing for smooth, hairless skin! Laser hair removal can reduce unwanted body hair to help you feel confident in any outfit.

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