Laser Hair Restoration

As we age, many people find that their hair thins over time, leaving bald patches or a receding hairline. This is an extremely common concern that many men and women suffer from, often as early as in their 20s or 30s. Hair loss can be the result of genetics, medications, pregnancy or hormonal changes.

Laser hair restoration is an excellent hair growth treatment. By using a low-level laser to stimulate the cellular metabolism involved in new hair growth, laser hair restoration can lead to improved hair fullness. The treatment stimulates hair growth by encouraging circulation in the affected areas. This helps to bring blood flow to the area, while reducing inflammation that can affect hair growth. This treatment is often done over the course of several sessions and is a pain-free, non-invasive cosmetic procedure. This is a very popular treatment among men who are looking to combat the effects of male pattern baldness and restore fullness to their hair. 

Experiencing Thinning, Bald Patches or A Receding Hair Line?

Laser hair restoration can be used on any part of the body but is most commonly performed on the head. This procedure takes place over the course of several sessions and each new session encourages hair growth in the affected area. Clients that are being treated often complain of bald patches, receding hairlines, and overall hair volume loss.

Considering Laser Hair Restoration?


Before your appointment

We always start the treatment process with a consultation to learn more about your concerns. We’ll ask you some questions about your medical history and also assess the area you wish to have treated. We’ll be able to make recommendations for the best course of treatment and the number of sessions we recommend.

On the day of your treatment

Our ottawa laser hair restoration treatment is quick and painless. The process takes approximately 20 minutes and doesn’t require the use of any topical anaesthetics. There is no discomfort associated with the treatment. We generally recommend to start with 6-10 sessions for best results.

During the treatment

After treatment we recommend not showering for 24 hours, as well as avoiding any sun exposure or excessive exercise. You may experience some redness, some mild swelling or tightness and flaking. This will diminish in just a few days following treatment.  


Enjoy Fuller Hair With The Power of Laser Technology
Restore your hair’s volume with laser treatments. Stimulate your hair’s natural growth to reduce bald spots and enjoy thicker looking hair!

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