Laser Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Moles and skin tags can be safely removed thanks to laser mole removal technology. The treatment works by using a concentrated laser beam to target the cells of the mole or skin tag. Once the laser energy is absorbed it effectively destroys it, preventing it from coming back once the treated area is healed. The procedure is quick, painless and effective and can be performed to remove several moles or skin tags at once. Most moles or skin tags can be removed in a single session, however it’s possible that in certain cases it may take 1-2 sessions. Laser treatments can be used to remove moles or skin tags on any body part. To be eligible for treatments, moles must be benign and are best treated when they are flat against the surface of the skin.

Here's How The Process Works


Before your appointment

We always start any treatment with a consultation to assess the area you wish to have treated and determine your eligibility for treatment. We’ll ask you about your medical history and answer any questions you might have about the procedure. We’ll ensure the mole or skin tag you wish to have removed is a good candidate for laser removal before booking your appointment.

On the day of your treatment

Before your treatment we’ll apply a topical anaesthetic cream to ensure you don’t feel any pain during treatment. Since the treated areas are so small, the procedure itself will only take a few minutes. We’ll make sure the area is properly cleansed and treated to ensure it heals quickly and easily. Some moles or skin tags may require a second session and we can recommend when your next treatment would be, if required. 

During the treatment

After treatment, we recommend that you let the area heal naturally and avoid picking at the skin. A small scab with form and once it falls off the skin will continue to heal over the coming weeks, leaving behind smooth skin. The results from this procedure are permanent so you won’t have to worry about returning for treatments. 


Get Rid of Moles and Skin Tags Easily and Effectively
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