Laser Vein Treatments

Spider veins are a common concern that many people struggle with. They appear on the legs when damaged valves in the veins prevent blood from flowing naturally. Spider veins appear as thin, web-like blue or red lines below the surface of the skin. Luckily, this can easily be treated thanks to laser vein therapy. Laser vein treatment Ottawa provides a highly effective solution for individuals troubled by spider veins, offering a non-invasive and efficient method to address damaged veins, restoring natural blood flow and eliminating the unsightly appearance of thin, web-like lines beneath the skin's surface.

Reduce The Appearance of Veins

Laser vein treatment Ottawa can be used to treat spider veins on any body part. The most common area for treatment is the legs and feet. The concentrated light from the laser damages the vein, causing it to close off. If it is a small spider vein, one treatment may be enough to eliminate it completely. For larger spider veins, you may be required to have several treatment sessions spaced 6-12 weeks apart.

Before and After

What to Expect During Your Laser Vein Treatment


Before your appointment

We always start any new treatment with a complimentary consultation. This is our opportunity to assess the areas you wish to have treated and determine whether laser vein therapy is an appropriate solution. We’ll also gather information about your medical history and answer any treatment questions you might have. 

On the day of your treatment

The treatment itself is quick and easy. If you’re feeling apprehensive about any discomfort the laser may cause, we can apply a topical solution to help numb the treated area. Laser vein therapy on the legs takes only 15-30 minutes per leg depending on the severity of the spider veins and the size of the area being treated.

During the treatment

After treatment, there is no downtime required. You can resume your normal activities right away. You can expect to feel a little redness or swelling, but there are no other side effects. Larger spider veins may take several sessions to treat, and your practitioner will determine how many sessions you need. 


What Our Lovely Customers Had to Say

"I recently saw Anantha for laser for a cherry angioma/spider vein removal and she was fantastic! She, Gopitha, and Mia were all really welcoming and informative, and they were able to zap away the red spot in just one treatment."

- Tanya P.

"Had a great experience with Anantha last week for my Cherry Angioma removal. The process was quick and Anantha was pleasant and very kind. I’ve also had fillers and Botox done at this clinic with Gopitha in the past and always love the results! Thanks ladies!"

- Karina P.

Say Goodbye to Spider Veins with Laser Therapy
Ready to stop feeling self-conscious about those veins? Laser vein therapy is a simple and effective solution! 

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